Downtown Sylva Strolls

Ways to Explore Downtown Sylva

Downtown Sylva offers shops, dining, drinks, experiences, and accommodation - all walkable on foot!  Stroll through town with a social district beverage or your furry friend.  The town offers poop bag stations throughout, and a doggie water fountain at the corner of Main and Spring.  Many of our small businesses allow you to bring your pet inside (please ask for permission first) and some offer treats and menu items just for the pups.  Locals and visitors alike enjoy a walk through town for exercise, or the challenge of climbing 107 steps to the top of the most photographed courthouse in the state of North Carolina (our public library).  The reward of a stunning view of the town amidst a beautiful mountain backdrop.  If you are into history or art, pick up a guide at the Jackson County Chamber and Visitor Center on Main Street or click below to get information about our Heritage Walk and Art Stroll. Click HERE to download a Downtown Sylva Map.

Heritage Walk

Step into the enchanting past of Sylva with our Heritage Walk. This immersive journey invites you to explore the downtown Sylva Historic district and iconic landmarks that define the soul of our charming North Carolina town. From tales of founding to architectural wonders, join us for a brief yet captivating stroll through Sylva's living history. Lace up your shoes, grab a social district beverage or coffee, and let the heritage unfold beneath your feet. Welcome to a walk through time in the heart of Sylva.  Click Here for the Heritage Walk guide.
Art Stoll

Sylva's Art Stroll is an exciting journey through town exploring both public art and unique galleries and shops with hand-crafted art.  Click HERE to download the Sylva Art Stroll guide.
Garden Walk

COMING SOON . . . In the meantime, enjoy the seasonal plants, trees and landscapes all around downtown Sylva.